#TeamPinnacle in a shot with our ISO Auditors


Incorporated in 2013, Pinnacle Engineering Co. Ltd. (PECL) is a 100 percent owned Ghanaian company registered in the republic of Ghana as a Fabrication, Welding, Erection, Mechanical Engineers, Steel specialists and Power & Automation engineers.

PECL has the following operational certifications:

  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and OSHAS 18001:2007 Certification

  • IMS Certification  

  • Works & Housing D1K1

  • Petroleum Commission certification

  • PPA certification

  • OPITO certification

  • VAT Business Registration Certificate

  • Minerals Commission Certification


With our desire to employ and work with the best, qualified and well-trained professionals with extensive experience in the mining and oil & gas sector, PECL believes in the power of strategically partnerships with various professional bodies both local and foreign in its delivery.


Our Mission and Purpose

“The mission of PECL is to provide engineering and technical solutions that meet our clients’ needs in a cost-effective, safe and professional manner. We will accomplish this through our family of professional engineers who’s work will always create value for our clients."


Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the world’s most valued engineering services company that delivers quality and safe engineering results as well as return on investment for our clients


Our Values

Our dedication to quality services internally and externally, shared commitment to satisfaction and total delivery to all our clients are values that PINNACLE holds dear.


We value our tradition of continually enhancing our services and products we represent with the view to improving both quality and impact. It is a mandatory value of every Pinnacle team member to work with honesty, diligence and total commitment on every project we work on for a satisfactory completion to the client and ourselves.


Serving our Clients

At PINNACLE, we are flexible and responsive to the total needs of our clients. We are willing to deliver and work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week services, through our ‘Pinnacle Holiday Policy’ to facilitate the delivery of excellent services to our clients. We have the technical ability to support virtually any engineering requirements and upon request a technician on site for standby service.


Where we lack, we have the capability to quickly fill in the gap with our array of professionals and highly experienced contract workers on stand-by.



 Our Beliefs

At pinnacle we believe everything engineering idea conceived is Possible and we are capable of handling the task in a safe and timely manner when the opportunity is offered. We believe we have just one shot at an opportunity and that is all we need at pinnacle.



“It’s possible”